H-SOS Capilar

H-S.O.S Capillary Revitalizing Shampoo has been specially developed to care for fragile type hair, which is damaged, porous or is saturated from exposure to past chemical processes. The product uses a formula enriched with gentle surfactants that cleanse the hair fibres and scalp without being too aggressive, preparing the hair for the process of recovery and reconstruction of the wires, restoring the moisture level following the first application. It can be used on all types of hair.

H-S.O.S Capillary Neutralizing Balm has been specially developed to neutralize the wires and balance the pH of porous type hair and hair that has passed through chemical processes. The perfect combination of its properties reverses the effects of static electricity and stabilizes risk situations. Enriched with natural extracts of seaweed, Jaborandi extract and Almond oil, which gives vitality, shine, softness and restores the hair's natural elasticity.

The H-S.O.S Reconstructive Capillary Mask has been specially developed for hair that is damaged, porous or is saturated through past exposure to chemical processes. This product acts through lipid and protein replacement due to its formula enriched with Keratin Amino Acids, Almond Oil, Natural Extracts of Seaweed, Rosemary and Jaborandi, which perform perfectly in sealing off the inner cuticle layers of each hair strand, providing natural balance, overall softness and hydration. It restores all the natural vitality and completely reconstructs the hair strands leaving them healthy after the initial application.

1- Capillary Revitalizing Shampoo / 1000ml

2- Neutralizing Balm / 500ml

3- Reconstructive Mask / 1Kg

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